25 Reasons to Love Esperança

25 Reasons to Love Esperança

In celebration of Esperança’s 50-year anniversary, we asked our Board, staff, volunteers and supporters why they LOVE this organization! Take a look at the heart-warming responses below…

I am inspired that our services are provided with humility, cultural awareness, and compassion and that is exactly what Esperança strives to provide on a daily basis! The individual impacts that Esperança makes will continue to positively impact generations in the future.

Julieta Larios, Domestic Program Coordinator

I love Esperança because it focuses on developing local leaders through effective collaboration and partnership.

Jason Paltzer, Board Member

I love that Esperança volunteers and staff are like a big family. Esperança has the knowledge and skills needed to serve, but a bonus is that they have heart. A great deal of love and care goes into our work to improve health and provide hope through disease prevention, education and treatment.

Tami Bohannon, Chief Development Officer

At Esperança, no need, problem, or person is too small. Every last person at this organization – staff, board, volunteers, supporters – is willing to do what it takes to help individuals and families in need.

Elena Burr, Marketing Manager

I love Esperança because it stands for hope, and I volunteer with Esperança because it has fifty years of experience improving health and economic outcomes for Arizonans and people around the world.

David Schlinkert, Board Member

Esperança serves communities locally and worldwide supporting heath equality for all. In today’s world what could be better than supporting all people of all walks of life?  Nothing!

Mary Holman, Board Member

I chose Esperança because of the dedication to health equity for all. The vision is backed by strong passion and execution that is centered around the countries and regions direct needs, not Esperança’s needs. Esperança works with local partners to establish the appropriate support and finds a way to make it happen. This unique model is what separates Esperança from other nonprofit organizations.

Elizabeth Greene, Board Vice Chair

Esperança is, and has always been, in our family’s blood for 50 years now. Father Luke’s devotion to humanity settled permanently in our hearts. The support of so many donors, volunteers, surgeons, nurses, board members & staff over the years has enabled his humanitarian mission to live on. Thank you from the bottom of our family’s hearts for all your support these many, many years.

Sue Tupper Johnson, Daughter of Co-Founder

Esperança is an organization that truly lives its values, inside and out. Every program, every donor outreach effort, and every phone call is treated with compassion, integrity, and unwavering commitment. For everyone who carries out Esperança’s mission, this is who we are, it is not facade we peel off when we’re off the clock. This is what makes Esperança truly special.

Anna Ortiz, International Program Director

I love Esperança’s partner organizations – we partner with in-country organizations to ensure we are supporting their communities from the ground-up. Esperança builds sustainable solutions by empowering communities with health, water, and food security. Esperança helps people around the world, but never forgets about families in Phoenix!

David Upjohn, Board Member

Since I started working here, there hasn’t been a single day in which I look at anyone from the team lacking that desire to serve the community. It fills me with pride and honor to follow the legacy of Father Luke Tupper, the footsteps of someone who with love and charity changed the lives of many.

Valeria Lopez Macias, Community Health Educator

I love Esperança because of my coworkers. I’m around so many like-minded people with the desire to achieve the same goal of benefitting/aiding others. It’s not necessarily altruism, but every employee is walking that same path. Our commission is love, not money.

Kerry White, CFO

The culture of our organization – staff and board of all different colors – show cultural awareness and respect to the communities we serve. And in everything we do, we do it with care and compassion for our recipients, both abroad and at home.

Tiffany Luu, Development Manager

I love Esperança because it’s people helping people – it doesn’t matter if we live in the same zip code or even the same country. It doesn’t matter if we speak the same language.  We all want the chance to lead healthy, productive lives.

Monica Ryden, Board Secretary

I love Esperança because we value empathy, determination, integrity, and we are culturally competent in the work we do. We are advocates in providing health equity for all.

Adriana Farquharson, International Program Coordinator

I love Esperança because I have the privilege of working as a team to better serve the community. I also love the overall passion Esperança places in their work.

Oscar Aguirre, Intern

I LOVE Esperança because I can give back to the communities I grew up in.

Maria Valenzuela, Domestic Program Director

For 50 years Esperança has transformed lives and given hope through a community-driven approach fulfilled by a committed and passionate staff.

Jeri Royce, President & CEO

Esperança gave me the opportunity to find another Jazmin inside of myself, one where I can truly make a difference. Supporting the health of seniors is my new passion in life.

Jazmin Hernandez, Community Health Educator

When I found Esperança, I knew this was where I belonged. We bring dignity and confidence to people which helps them stand up and take charge of their life.

Ramon Gallardo, Gift In-Kind Coordinator

I love that Esperança is nimble, adaptable, and always evolving to meet the needs of the communities that we serve.

Mistie Weishaar, Board Chair

I think that we have the same spirit, that we share the same values ​​of service and that in a way we merge into the same organization to help and serve those most in need. We are pleased to see the joy of a benefited family. That is why we continue this work without thinking in terms of time and we will continue to do so with or without resources.

Victorino Centeno, Executive Director at AVODEC

I love Esperança because it’s an organization that provides various resources to the community. It’s amazing to see the passion that Esperança has in learning about different cultures and understanding how to better serve each community. Esperança offers endless opportunities for all to learn from one another.

Guillermo Legarda, Intern

From day one I have felt so grateful for being part of an organization that truly cares about making a difference. One of the things I love most is knowing I am a part of an organization that shares the same goals as myself. Everyone in the room shares the same passion to help others live healthier and better lives. I love knowing that I am taking part in helping Esperança reach and change so many lives.

Aleixa Vega, Community Health Educator





since 1970

I love Esperança because of their dedication to the community. They donate their time and resources to ensure the safety and wellbeing of communities who truly need it. They make an impact in all aspects of these communities’ lives and it is truly amazing. When I was growing up all I wanted to do was help people and having the opportunity to intern with this organization has been an honor; it has taught me so much and I am so thankful. They are the most kind, generous, and selfless group of people.

Elizabeth Hammet, Intern

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