Esperanca celebrates Dental Health Awareness Month in February!

This past week in San Francisco a UHAUL POD full of dental supplies and equipment was donated to Esperança! A local area family called to alert Esperança that their father had passed away,  but they wanted his legacy to continue. You see, when he returned to the U.S. after WWII he gathered all of his resources and began his dream of opening a dental practice. With all of his hard work he opened his doors and for years ran his dental practice and loved every minute of it. When he passed, his family could not bear the thought that the equipment and supplies that had brought so much joy to their father would be laid to rest. The donations included dental supplies, patient chair, x-ray machine; it was pretty much the entire clinic! And now with them being donated to Esperança his supplies will go towards a greater cause.

This donation will be included in the 40ft container going down to Nicaragua next year. Esperança staff commented on the beautiful moment for the family; “Once it was all loaded, we hugged the family and there were tears in their eyes. They were so sad to have lost their dad but so happy to know that his supplies would still be put to good use.” Thank you to all of our donors and all that you make possible.

Our dental programs are making an impact right here is Phoenix as well. In a recent report to the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation, Esperança was able to educate 1,387 children and 460 parents, on the importantance of oral health and techniques. As you know Oral Health month has just passed, but Esperança will continue to educate and transform families.

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