Your compassion gave them life.

Your compassion gave them life.

Thanks for nothing. I’m serious. “Nothing” is a beautiful gift.

When you’re desperately ill, and you have to go in for surgery, you urgently want to feel nothing … until it’s all over.

Anesthesia is the gift of “nothing” … and this past year this gift has been given to 82 people this year in Nicaragua.

With the strong support of friends like you, we had the joy of delivering a brand-new anesthesia machine — replacing one that was 30 years old and terribly defective — in Operating Room #1 in the clinic at San Rafael del Norte.

Without this extraordinary gift, 82 people wouldn’t have had the surgery they needed — or simply couldn’t have survived the pain.

Your compassion gave them life

On their behalf, I bring you my thanks.

We would like to share the news of the fact that we will be delivering a medical container with 10 tons of equipment and supplies — from a complicated anesthesia machine to simple things like sutures, bandages, antiseptic, and everything in between — to the people of northern Nicaragua this fall. Our supporters will ease the suffering of people trapped in poverty. They have given the gift of quality medical care to people who have nowhere else to turn. And in turn lives have been saved. Hundreds, even thousands of lives.

And because we gather donated equipment and supplies, every dollar of given to this program will EXPLODE into $211.50 worth of medical supplies!

It seems almost impossible, but it’s literally true. I don’t know of any way you could possibly make a bigger impact with a simple gift. And not just in dollars. This will make a life-changing impact on children and families.
A little boy, wracked by stomach pain and urgently in need of surgery, will finally get help and healing.

A terrified mother, after watching her daughter waste away week after week, will see that little girl miraculously begin to grow strong, and smile again.

In a house where all hope has been lost, where sickness has stolen all joy, the sound of laughter will be heard once more.

Your compassion will rewrite the future.

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