A Brigade of HOPE

The Oskiwas Community in Nicaragua was one of the hardest hit by the civil war in the 1980s. As a result, Oskiwas is one of the poorest communities in its municipality and poverty has taken a huge toll on the health and wellbeing of the people.

Hundreds of families await Esperança's brigade services.

Working through local partners, Esperança’s medical brigade team visits a different rural community every two weeks and provides families with the dental, pediatric and general medicine they never before had access to.

Reyna recently found hope for her daughter Dayana during one of Esperança’s medical brigades. She expressed that this was her daughter’s first doctor visit – the closest clinic is several hours on foot and her family cannot afford routine visits.

“She has always been thin and small since she was born,” says Reyna. “She has little appetite and usually she gets sicker than her other siblings.”

Dayana is three-and-a-half-years-old, the youngest of six in her household, and was diagnosed by our team as suffering from malnourishment and parasites. Had this not been caught in time, she faced a future of anemia, mental, developmental and physical deficits and possibly even death.

Thankfully, your love and support intervened just in time. Instead of a hopeless future, little Dayana is receiving world-class medical intervention and medicine, her mother is receiving a better education on caring for her and her family will be receiving the food they so desperately need.

This is the kind of hope your support makes possible around the world. On behalf of the thousands of children we serve every year across the globe – THANK YOU!

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