A Small Procedure Changes a Boys Childhood

Six year old Justo Flores started feeling a minor tumor and pain on the left inguinal region when he was four. At first the tumor was small and caused minimal discomfort. However, it continued to grow making it impossible for Justo to walk or to engage in other activities.

When Justo went to local doctors his parents were told that he needed immediate surgical treatment in order to prevent major health problems.  Due to lack of resources Justo was not able to obtain such treatment.

Mr. Flores had heard about the great experience with the U.S. doctors and the free cost of the program and he patiently waited for the radio commercials announcing the arrival of the doctors. Once the doctors had arrived, Justo and his dad went to see Dr. McCabe. He was then prepared to go into surgery and have his hernia repaired by the skillful hands of the surgeon. The procedure was fast and it surprised both Justo and his father. “I did not imagine it would be that fast, they made me go to sleep and they healed me,” said Justo.

Mr. Flores constantly thanked the staff for the procedure his son had received. He carefully listened to the doctors as they told him how to take care of Justo once he went home to make sure he had a good and speedy recovery.

“Now he will be able to run and do everything,” said Justo’s mom.

Justo will now be able to enjoy his childhood with optimal health thanks to the volunteer surgeons who went to Nicaragua to help bring medical care to those in need.

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