Abner Went 15 Days Without His Epilepsy Medication – But No More!

At the age of 15 Abner was diagnosed with a weakened heart muscle and epilepsy. Doctors prescribed him 7 different medications to be taken daily to reduce his seizures and improve his quality of life.

Unfortunately, in rural Nicaragua these medications are hard to come by and even harder to pay for on his parent’s farmer salary. Abner is unable to work himself due to his condition.

I’m not able to comply with the treatment because I cannot get the right drugs. It is very bad right now and my parents can barely earn enough to pay for basic necessities.

Sometimes my parents and older brother have to search for money to buy the drug or visit the priest of the Catholic Church in the hope that he will help us to find the drugs for my health problem.

By the time he made it to the Quilele Health Post he had gone 15 days without any medication and the local hospital was unable to fulfill his prescription for a medicine shortage. His condition began to deteriorate by the day.

Fortunately, Abner didn’t have to wait to much longer. Esperança continues to bring high quality healthcare to the Dalia Municipality, where during the time of COVID-19 our team provides monthly deliveries of medication for 300 chronic disease patients – those hardest hit by the economic downturn.

Abner is one such beneficiary of these medication deliveries. He and his parents can now breathe a sigh of relief.

I hope that these medicines will continue to be donated to patients with chronic issues and will help us solve some health problems for patients. It is a beautiful gesture of hope to donate the medicine for patients with chronic diseases and we are healthier thanks to these medicines and all those who made this donation.

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