All Aboard the Esperança

Submitted by Rosemary, a long-time Esperança supporter

“It all started 45 years ago. I was working for Philips Medical Systems in Connecticut, a manufacturer of medical x-ray systems; including a dental x-ray unit called the Orolit.”

Little did Rosemary know, Father Luke Tupper had that exact Orolit model on board the Esperança hospital boat while working on the Amazon River. Since its inception, Esperança’s founder had been recruiting medical teams from the United States to volunteer their services to rural communities living along this river in Brazil. The ferry boat converted floating hospital did not have much in the way of amenities, and the light bulb on its Orolit has just burned out…

“He called my office one day when he was visiting in New York City needing a small light for his dental unit. “

Rosemary had no idea what this light was, and so her journey with Esperança began…

Rosemary went downstairs to the factory floor to ask a tech for more information about the light and if they had any spares to send to Father Tupper. Luckily, the tech found a few lights and Rosemary gladly mailed them to the New York address Father Tupper had left.

“Shortly after, I received a newsletter from Esperança and being impressed with his organization, I sent a donation.”

For four years, Rosemary followed Father Tupper’s journey in the Amazon, hearing of his untimely passing in 1978.

“I was truly saddened when I learned of his tragic death but his family was involved in keeping his dream alive. I have been getting Esperança newsletters all these years and though the organization has taken many different paths, I still feel it is very worthwhile.”

Rosemary has now been contributing to Esperança for 45 years, inspired by the passion behind this humanitarian work.

“It is an amazing story of good will and determination of all the people involved.”

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