Surgical Mission Success: Maria Eulalia’s story

General Surgeon Dr. Mark Kartchner and anesthesiologists, Dr. Max Kartchner and Dr. Dean Kartchner, returned at the end of October from a 10-day volunteer surgical mission to Nicaragua. They operated out of a small clinic in the rural community of San Rafael del Norte, about 30 minutes north of Jinotega.

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Surgical Mission Success: Anselma’s Story

I’d like you to meet Anselma Bustamante, a 60 year old mother of 10 children, living in the rural village of Entre Rios, Bolivia. For the past 12 years, Mrs. Bustamante has been forced to cope with a large goiter growing inside of her neck. It’s a disability that has

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40 Years of Hope Breakfast

EVENT DATE: May 17, 2011
Esperança welcomed over 150 guests on May 17, 2011 during our 40 Years of Hope breakfast. Guests heard inspiring stories from volunteer surgeon and humanitarian Dr. Nicholas Retson. The breakfast raised more than $50,000 for our life saving programs.
Thank you to all those who

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