Bringing Hope to Children and Families in Mozambique

How much is a life worth? I would say, at least $25.

Imagine someone doomed to die – but brought back to life, restored to health, for just $25.

Today, You and I have an opportunity to give them a proper diagnosis, initial treatment, and ongoing care. Every $25 given today will provide life-giving care for another child or adult.

I know for many people there’s still a stigma attached to HIV/AIDS. But this epidemic has been raging in Africa for so long, it has now spread way past “risk groups” – and into the general population.

So a little boy can be born with HIV and have no idea. A young girl can prepare for her wedding – girls in this culture traditionally marry at 15 or 16 – having no idea of the danger she’s in. Generations are suffering and Dying. Multitudes of children are being orphaned for lack of simple medical care.

In fact, the government of Mozambique provides the medicine free of charge. And other groups provide the testing. So you might think, “Problem Solved”. But no.

  • In remote villages, medical testing is shunned. They need education.
  • The Mozambique government only offers medicine at certain hospitals. It may take all day on a bus to get there. If you’re living in poverty, you can’t afford a whole day off of work. A single mom can’t leave her children that long. If you’re already sick, you can’t travel that far.
  • HIV/AIDS treatment won’t work if someone is malnourished. Sick people need nutrition education.
  • Living with a transmittable disease means safety precautions have to be taken to keep their friends and family safe. But how will they know what those safety precautions are unless someone them?

We’ve seen lives saved – when someone offers education. Mothers with HIV/AIDS are actually thriving, able to care for their little ones. Children no longer have to watch in horror as their mothers waste away and die a cruel death.

Daskota’s is one family saved. She’s 18. When Esperanca came to her village and set up a “Nutrition Club” she became a member. “I want to learn!” she said.

Her mother went with her. What they learned was shocking news to them. They learned the truth about HIV/AIDS, about testing, about treatment, and nutrition… and more. Today, Daskota’s mother is receiving treatment. Daskota will not watch her mother die of AIDS. A generous friend like you saved her life! 

A man in their village was very sick, but refused to be tested. “This illness is only witchcraft,” he said. But there was hope: Women in the community, including his wife, who have received anti-retro-viral medication are thriving. And they have banded together to help him and others who are shut in. He is now accepting treatment. His life was saved.

As Mother’s day approaches, please give a generous gift to help more mothers and their families in Africa.

  • Your gift will mean prevention as we teach children about HIV/AIDS and spread the word.
  • You’ll help start support groups – one member travels to get a month’s medication for the whole group.
  • You’ll teach the sick how to get and stay healthy.,

I  know HIV/AIDS is a difficult disease to fully understand. However, the reality is that the majority of the people we serve have contracted the disease thorough no fault of their own.

If we turn away, children and adults will suffer – and the real tragedy is that their suffering will be unnecessary.

So I’m asking you to reach out with a heart of compassion to rescue them. I think a life is worth $25. Please save a life – or maybe more – by responding generously today. Let this mothers day be a day of hope and Life. Thank you so much.

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