Carlos is Starting on the Right Foot Post-Amputation

In July, a local restaurant owner called Esperança, sharing the story of an employee, Carlos, who recently had his left leg amputated following diabetes-related complications. Carlos has no insurance and the prosthetic would cost him $25,000 out of pocket. Looking to help her employee clearly in pain and struggling to adapt to work post-surgery, she gave Esperança a call.

"I appreciate any help or information you can find. If, not thank you and we'll have to figure something out."

Thankfully, Esperança has an expansive network of hospitals and organizations involved in resource-sharing of specific medical supplies when needed. In this case, Esperança reached out to the Arizona Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Upon giving the Carlos’s height and weight, the PVA found two prosthetic legs fitting his measurements and delivered them to Esperança the following week.

The prosthetic limbs and protective covers were valued at about $55,000, and astoundingly fit Carlos perfectly! He was able to return to work at the restaurant that week, feeling comfortable and confident standing for hours during his shift.

The restaurant owner was equally elated, "I cannot believe you found a leg for him!”

Esperança is thankful for our many medical supply donors and partners around the country who allow hope to reach individuals like Carlos every day. In the words of Esperança’s President & CEO, Jeri Royce, “Our mission is to help one person, one family, one community at a time.”

Learn how you can donate supplies here.