Child Protection Project Improves Health for Entire Family in Bolivia

Esperança’s Child Protection project in Bolivia is a learning space for parents and children to develop relationships through health education, 8 hours a day. Different games are developed that allow the exchange between parents and children. They learn, make agreements, and commitments to support each other. Parents recognize that they are responsible for instilling healthy habits in their children from a young age.

Silvio Condori Anti is a 41 year-old taxi driver in Tarija, Bolivia. He, his wife, Isabel, and their two children are participants in Esperança’s Child Protection project. Silvio is very active in all areas of the project, including assisting with the workshops and educational fairs. The educators were very impressed with the initiative taken by a father in a group dominated by women.  He participated in a multiprogram meeting where he learned to recognize the signs and symptoms of dehydration and pneumonia in addition to ways to kick start mental development.


“I learned how to stimulate my child’s intelligence with puzzles. I learned how to prevent illnesses, like colds and diarrhea which can endanger a child’s life. I now know the signs and dangers in cases of dehydration and pneumonia.

“I feel very happy to participate in these activities, these are great opportunities to learn and hopefully all the parents can take advantage for the future of our children. I will continue participating, and I feel happier because I’m with my son and I like doing things together. The activities help parents provide a good educational foundation for our children.

“I was surprised when I learned about the importance of these games in childhood development. Putting together puzzles, playing with  balls, etc. At times parents don’t see the importance of these games – I didn’t see it before taking this workshop.

“My greatest gift in life is my children, and now I feel more confident as a parent doing what I can to set them up for a healthy future.  I’ve learned a lot and am excited to share with my wife so that together we will work to better the health of our children. I will apply this in my home with my other son and my entire family. Thank you Esperança.”

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