Child Receives Care

During their week long mission, Dr, Victor Chow and his team were able to see 74 patients and successfully conduct 27 surgeries. Dr. Chow specializes in Urology, a specialty that just like most, are out of the financial reach for most Bolivians. People of all ages are in need of such services and this was evident during this mission. Out of the 27 surgeries, 10 were children.

The children were part of Oqharikuna, a nonprofit social foundation that houses children and adolescents that suffer from poverty, abandonment, neglect or who are orphans. They give the children a home and serve as their legal guardians until the children can sustain themselves. The organization provides the children with health care but does not have the resources to help with surgical treatments.

The children suffer from a condition called phimosis and leaving it untreated can lead to urinary retention.Because Ogharikuna was unable to afford the treatment for the children, the volunteer surgeons from Esperança were their last option in helping the children with this condition.

Fortunately, the children were screened and able to receive the treatment!  The children ranged from 4-14 years of age. Thanks to the generosity of the volunteers, the children will not have to worry about this condition going into their adulthood!

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