The Circle of Hope includes all who pledge at least $1,000 (cash or stock) annually.


Circle of Hope Giving Society Categories Include:

Hope for One Life: $1,000 annually

Provides nutrition and disease prevention/management education for two participants in Phoenix and life-saving surgery to four children in Ecuador, Nicaragua, or Peru.

Hope for a Mother & Child: $2,500 annually

Delivers oral health, nutrition & disease prevention for children, parents and grandparents from low-income communities.

Hope for a Family: $5,000 annually

Builds a home for a family of five in Nicaragua.

Hope for a Community: $10,000 annually

Builds a new water system in a Nicaragua, provides Health Activists in Mozambique to run HIV/AIDS support groups, and funds a 9-week Diabetes Management series for seniors in Arizona.

**If one of the above categories is not for you, please consider any pledge over $1,000 to join the Circle of Hope.

Please return the linked form to or mail to Esperança at 1911 W. Earll Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85015. If you have any questions, please contact Tami Bohannon or call 602-252-7772.


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