Damasita has a secure Future!

A Secure Future for Her Family Starts with YOU!

Your home should be your castle — a place where you feel completely safe and in control ... 

Sadly, that isn’t yet the case for Damasita who lives in the outskirts of Tarija, Bolivia. Thieves have broken into her home TWICE in recent years

Damasita and her sons luckily weren’t hurt, but the thought of the next break-in keeps her up at night. 

Families like hers need your help to advance. 

A seamstress, Damasita knew she’d never be able to earn enough to build a security wall around her home. But she didn’t give up hope. Instead, she learned about a life-changing project made possible by someone like YOU!


The project taught Damasita how to build and maintain a hydroponic garden … where plants root in a nutrient-rich water solution vs. soil. Compared to traditional farming, these gardens require far less space, labor, and water — a perfect solution for Bolivia’s long dry season.

Plus, her crops grow faster and without the chemical fertilizers and pesticides that cause cancer and other serious conditions.

After every harvest, Damasita quickly sells out of the organic celery, chard, and spinach she grows. And with every sale, she’s moving closer to building her security wall and keeping her family safe

The United Nations warns that hunger in Bolivia will increase by 22% over the next 30 years unless traditional farming practices change now. The problem? Climate change.

As South America’s most at-risk country, Bolivia is already suffering from deadly droughts, floods, and hail. This extreme weather destroys crops and washes away vital topsoil, too. 

That’s devastating for the 1 in 3 rural Bolivians — especially women —who can’t afford to buy a basic food basket and only eat what they can grow. And as people’s desperation rises, so does the crime that plagues once-safe communities.   

Will you help hard-working folks like Damasita build healthier and more secure futures before it’s too late? Donate Here! 

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