David’s Story: Mother & Son on the Road to Recovery

David loved his mom Lorena dearly, but he struggled to hold her hand starting at age 4. That’s when David’s hands and arms were severely burned in a house fire … set by his now-estranged father!

Damaged tendons prevented this sweet boy from bending his arms at the elbows. He couldn’t feed or dress himself. Or play with friends.

Sadly, no doctor in Ecuador that Lorena could afford had the specialized skills to help her only son.

People like David and Lorena are desperate for help.

Lorena learned that Esperança was sending a team of U.S. surgeons to Ecuador. She made sure that David was among the over 100 people screened by local doctors before the mission …

She dared to hope that David would be one of the lucky ones!

In fact, David’s case was so urgent that he was among the first patients to receive care. The surgeons succeeded in releasing a tendon in his right hand … a vital first step on a long road to recovery.

Unfortunately, two-thirds of the world’s population have no access to safe and affordable surgery. That means millions of people are suffering, even dying, from treatable conditions!

For our surgical teams, it’s truly a privilege to bring life-altering care to a mother who struggles in pain, a father who can no longer provide for his family, or a girl who has never walked.

But they can’t perform these medical miracles without donors like you.

Doctors donate their time and talent to these missions, and most give financially as well so that donations made to Esperança's surgical program go directly to patients in need. The best part? A pediatric surgery like David's costs just $250 in Ecuador!

Today, David holds his mother's hand with ease. David can hold a pencil at school, pick up a ball to play with friends, and live a normal life, thanks to the generous donations of Esperança supporters.

So will you continue to create a hopeful future for another family in need with a tax-deductible gift to Esperança today? We can’t change lives without you!

Sponsor a surgery here.

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