Esperança is Bringing Pediatric Services to Rural Communities

Marcos Yadier Rocha Palacio is two months old and is the newest child of his family, who lives in La Rinconada de la Concordia, Nicaragua. In March, his mother brought him to Esperança’s monthly primary care brigade, implemented by local partner, AVODEC, for his first consultation with a pediatrician.

Marcos’s mother reported that for four days he had a fever and wouldn't eat.

Esperança’s pediatrician performed a comprehensive physical evaluation of his height and weight and found Marcos to be in a healthy range for his age. Following the general health examination, the team prescribed the proper medication for his fever.

“The hardest part is searching for medicine within reach, since the health post is far away. When we go there, medicines aren’t available and sometimes we can’t buy anything because we don’t have enough money.  Before Esperança’s services we would use natural medicine like plants because that’s all we have,” the family shared.

They received proper treatment for Marcos’ fever and were referred to the health center to start his vaccination schedule. The team also provided his mother consoling on the appropriate nutrition for Marcos’ age.

“I am very grateful and very happy because through this service we can receive care for free, with medication, since we are poor and cannot buy it.  I thank Esperança for coming here”.

Marcos was one of 144 patients seen during the team’s monthly trip to Rinconcada, providing primary and dental in addition to pediatric services.

“We continue to bring quality care to the impoverished communities of Jinotega where our families are located, all thanks to the support of Esperança,” shares Dr. Blandón, pediatrician on the brigades.

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