Eulogio is Seeing Crop Yields Like Never Before in His Rural Peruvian Home

Colquemarca or “Qullqi Marka” in Quechua, meaning 'silver town' is one of eight districts of the Chumbivilcas Province in Peru. The 9,000 residents of this district are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent.

Eulogio Quispe is the head of one of the many farming families in the region. He’s lived the entirety of his 55 years within a few miles from where he was born, 12,000 feet up in the Peruvian highlands.

Since 2017, Eulogio has been working with Esperança to improve the management of natural resources and support environmental sustainability for Quechua families in the area.

Known in his hometown as an impetuous entrepreneur who turns difficulties into opportunities, Eulogio works hard daily for a better life for his family. At the very top of his list: participating in Esperanca’s educational workshops and activities.

He is always aware of the activities that are scheduled from the project, actively participates in the trainings and shares what he has learned with his family and neighbors. 

As a result of community training, Eulogio now:

  • Incorporates quinoa, tarwi and beans into his traditional crops
  • Hires day laborers to plant and harvest an unfathomable amount of crops for the region, all without the help of a tractor
  • Uses only homemade organic fertilizers to comply with international standards and increase his marketability
  • Understands how to best market his produce to improve sales


Esperança is supporting rural farmers like Eulogio year-round, positioning them in the competitive race to sell quality, organic goods. These changes not only meet the demands of consumers, but also ensure the health of local families, consuming only healthy, chemical-free foods.

“My experience has been very successful, each of my products have been sold at a good price in the market, achieving a better return on investment, where his family is the greatest beneficiary.”

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