Volunteer Surgical Program Success Stories

David’s Story: Mother & Son on the Road to Recovery

David loved his mom Lorena dearly, but he struggled to hold her hand starting at age 4. That’s when David’s hands and arms were severely burned in a house fire … set by his now-estranged father!Damaged tendons prevented this sweet boy from bending his arms at the elbows. He couldn’t […]

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A Brighter Future for Juanito

Jennifer is a mom who refused to give up. She thought giving birth to her new son would be routine, just like it was for her other kids. All her doctor’s visits had gone to plan … Instead, baby Juanito was born with clubfoot. Jennifer hadn’t heard of this common […]

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Victor’s Life is Forever Changed

With one in every 1,000 children affected at birth, clubfoot is one of the more common deformities found in infants. Here in the U.S., treatment usually begins shortly after birth when non-surgical methods are most successful. But in places like Ecuador, treatment often comes too late… or not at all.Victor […]

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Ensuring Community-Centered Medical Donations

Community-Centered Care The core of Esperança’s programs is centered around community 100% of the time, and as such we must adapt as community needs change. This not only applies to Esperança’s health education classes or surgical trips but the medical supply donation program as well. Esperança acts as a bridge […]

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In Pain and Out of Sight for 40 Years, Hector is Now Embracing Life

Hector is a 51-year-old member of the Kaskita Community in rural Nicaragua. He is one of 1,472 inhabitants and a proud father of six children.Hector has also long suffered from multiple gunshot wounds during his time in the Nicaraguan army, resulting in a missing eye, extreme rotator cuff pain, and […]

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A Dire Need for a Dentist

Not many of us can say we like going to the dentist. Then there are those Esperança serves in Nicaragua who travel for miles across jungle and ravine for the chance to find relief in that orthodontic chair. Poverty is hard on teeth. Malnutrition robs them of the nutrients and […]

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Esperança is Beneficiary of Multi-State Bridge Tournament; $53,000 Raised for Surgical Trips

For the past 51 years Phoenix-based nonprofit, Esperança has provided hope to under-resourced communities around the world through health education, food security programs, access to clean water, ecological home-building and life-altering surgeries.For the last 10 years, the San Diego bridge community has hosted an annual bridge tournament to raise funds […]

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National Grateful Patient Day 

Submitted by: Adriana Farquharson, International Program Coordinator National Grateful Patient Day on September 7 provides an opportunity to show appreciation for the hard-working professionals in the medical industry and gratitude toward the families and caregivers of anyone receiving life-giving medical care. It also honors the plight of many patients who are grateful to […]

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The Importance of Reducing Medical Supply Waste

Did you know that 15% of medical waste is hazardous in some way? This means that 15% of medical waste is toxic, radioactive, infectious or harmful to humans or the environment. Consider that all countries around the world create 0.2-0.5 kg of medical waste per hospital bed per day, there is […]

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