Finding Community for Children with Special Needs

When Eliu’s mom discovered the Esperança sponsored special needs program in Rocky Point, Mexico, she was hesitant. How could anyone understand Eliu’s needs as well as her..?

Eliu was born with Pierre Robin syndrome, an underdeveloped jaw that causes difficulty breathing. He wears a “necklace” as his family calls it, a cannula that helps clear his airways. He was also born with an intellectual disability caused by autism.

Understandably, Eliu’s mother was protective of her son.

He had very little mobility and had a hard time socializing with other children. Eliu was fully dependent on the physical, emotional, and mental support of his mom.

A New Chapter with Specialized Care

When Eliu's mother came to Esperança's local partner by the recommendation of friends, she feared how they would treat her son. She was scared he would be judged for the discharge from his cannula, or his inability to communicate.

But immediately upon meeting the team of therapists, her doubts and fears disappeared. The pair was fully embraced by warmth and love the care team is known for across Rocky Point.

Eliu began attending the special needs program weekly. He participated in physical, speech, and occupational therapies and had the opportunity to interact with other students.

Today, Eliu is a more independent, charismatic 5-year-old. He has new confidence when apart from his mom. He can put on his own clothes, take off his shoes, and even started sleeping in his own bed.

Now Eliu is advancing his communication skills through sign language, starting with learning all the colors (green is his favorite). The therapy team has high hopes for an expanded vocabulary in the future.

Because of these newfound strengths, Eliu has made a new group of friends! His tolerance for change and new people is way up, and his tantrums have all but disappeared. This has been a truly emotional transformation for Eliu’s mom, who has seen him come so far from their first session.

A Safe Haven in Rocky Point

The special needs program in Rocky Point serves dozens of children like Eliu each month, all free of charge.

On top of medical care, Esperança is supporting building a community for families with a special needs loved one where there previously was none.

“I am very grateful to Esperança for the love and patience with which they support Eliu in each session, since he is a completely different child from the one who arrived at his first therapy. And I feel I have grown as a mother!”

You can sponsor all the therapies and classes for a student like Eliu for $210 today. Click here to sponsor a student.

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