Food Security For A Family of Ten

In the rural jungles of Bolivia stands a two-room adobe house with no doors or windows, Here lives Adriana Franco Cáceres, her husband, their six children and two little grandchildren. Overall, they are a happy, loving family. But they also suffer their own challenges.

Adriana is the only family member who works since her husband suffers from a mental illness and became deaf, preventing him from continuing his work in masonry.

Adriana works two or three times a week washing clothes or cleaning houses in the city. It is a menial income, but it keeps her large family fed.

Then came the COVID-19 outbreak.

When COVID-19 came to Bolivia, Adriana was no longer called upon to do laundry or clean. To assist temporarily, some neighbors in her community offered part-time labor on their farms, for which he receives some food as payment. But with a growing family, malnutrition was a very real concern.

Fortunately, through Esperança’s emergency relief funding, Adriana and her family were one of 700 who received food packages, and not just for a week – for an entire month!

The whole family came out to receive their food package, everyone brimming with joy and thankfulness.

“Thank you very much! I just had nothing to cook and I don't have a money either, but now I am going to cook and we will eat until we are full.”

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