Event FAQs by Ambassadors

Q: Do I have to register myself as a guest?
A: No. You were already registered as a guest when you registered to be an Ambassador.


Q: How many guests can be seated at my table?
A: Tables seat 8, so you will need to fill your table with 7 guests and yourself. If you have more than 7 guests, we will split your table and seat them at an adjacent table with another friendly table captain.

We will send you a list of your registered guests closer to the event.

If you have more than one table, you can let us know which guests you will want to have seated at which table.


Q: Can I sign up to host more than one table?

In person:

A: Yes! Just let us know the number of tables you will fill for the event, this helps up to make sure your tables are right next to each other so you can interact with all of your guests.


A: Yes! Online hosts can invite any number of guests to attend and tune in.


Q: Am I supposed to send my guests a registration link?

A: Nope. As an Ambassador, you may register your guests after they confirm they are joining you OR send them this link. Make sure they enter your name in the Ambassador line so they are seated at your table.

More information about registering your guests can be found here.


Q: How do my guests pay for the event?

A: The event is free! However, Hope Breakfast is Esperança’s largest fundraising event and during the program, guests will be asked to make a gift by filling out their giving card.

There are many options for giving, so there is a level or option that suits any wallet.

Please make sure that your invited guests know that this is a fundraising Breakfast with the goal of raising money to support Esperança’s programs and services.


Q: Someone in my network wants to know how much they would be expected to donate. Is there a minimum expected donation?

A: There is no minimum expected donation. Esperança has a goal of raising more than $120,000 for a Night with Esperança. There are many levels and options for giving to Esperança. We are confident the program will inspire someone to make a gift.

You can share this response with your potential guest, and also share with them your personal goals for your own group’s support.


Q: Why are you asking for my guest’s email address and phone number when I register them? Can’t I just give you mine?

A: We send the majority our pre-event communication and reminders via email. Mailing address collected will be used solely for donation acknowledgement and receipt.  

We will also make a thank you phone call after the event.

We will never share or sell you or your guests contact information.


Q: Are the gifts made by my friends who cannot attend the fundraiser connected to my table?

A: Absolutely, if we know that your friend is connected to you!

If you have friends, family, or co-workers that make a gift in-lieu of attendance, make sure they put your name in the comment field or indicate it in the mailed check, so we can connect the gift to you.

You can also email [email protected] with your friends’ name and we will make sure any donations they make are connected to your table.


Q: How can I see who I have already registered for my table?

A: Email Tiffany at [email protected] and we will send you the list of guests you have already registered.

Closer to the event we will send a guest list to each table host so you can make sure the list is accurate and make any changes that might be needed.

We do not have a way for you to see your registered guests online.


Q: Can I make an annual pledge and pay it monthly?

A: Absolutely! Gifts can be paid on a monthly basis, please just indicate on the donation form that you would like your gift to be paid in monthly installments. Guests will need to provide their credit card information on the donation form they receive at the event and indicate monthly payments. Esperança will charge the provided card monthly over 12 months.

If a pledge is committed to 3-5 years, we will charge the provided card monthly until the pledge is complete.

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