Golden Broccoli

I’d like to introduce you to a man who grows gold. At least that’s what we hear. His name is Don Pedro. He lives in Bolivia, in the dry, cold, rocky
mountains. Used to be, Don Pedro couldn’t even grow enough food to feed farm animals — not even chickens.

So, just like everybody else in the area he and his family lived on a terrible diet of whatever wretched vegetation the rocky ground could provide.  Not enough protein … not enough Vitamin B. This meant children with stunted growth and learning disabilities.

But thanks to the generosity of friends like you, we had the joy of bringing Don Pedro a new idea: new crops, different plants, that thrive in the Bolivian climate:

• Quinoa (packed with protein)
• Spinach (packed with Vitamin B)
• Broccoli (packed with Vitamin E)
• Chard (packed with Vitamin K)
• Peas (packed with Vitamin A)

Foods you and I take for granted! But not in Bolivia. There, these foods are exotic!  We brought in seeds — and training — to help Don Pedro and his neighbors set up a drip irrigation system, made with local materials.

Don Pedro not only started feeding himself and his family better, but his harvests were soon three times as big as before! And here’s the bonus that makes me smile: Most Bolivians have never seen these types of vegetables before, so when Don Pedro takes his surplus to market, he is drastically improving his family’s income by selling these rare crops for a premium. Don Pedro also began teaching his neighbors what he had learned. Now they’re doing great, too.


“It’s like we are selling gold at the marketplace!” one woman says, with a huge smile. “We’re eating things we’ve never seen or tasted before!”

Esperança also holds recipe contests — to encourage folks to find new ways to bring nutritious foods into their homes, and keep their families healthy.

But this story isn’t finished — because there are more families in need … more villages suffering … and they need us.

Your partnership helps stop the malnutrition … stop the stunted growth … stop the learning disabilities … Give children an opportunity to thrive and grow and learn … Give them the gift of a future.

Thank you for your support in giving hope to these families today. Maybe you could even help more. However you’ve been blessed in life, let me invite you to share some part of the bounty with people in need … in Bolivia, and beyond … through the proven work of Esperança.

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