Esperança interviews Esperança About Transforming Lives Around the World

Danielle Riberio from interviewed Esperança as part of their ' Talks With...' podcast. This series is an antidote to negative news stories that aims to shed light on organizations and experts whose work is making a positive impact on the world.

Bringing Hope and Providing Health

Developing countries already have it bad enough. Even worse, these countries go through economic turmoil where it's impossible to get the help needed to solve the most precedented issues. 

We are a nonprofit organization that forges partnerships with other nonprofit organizations from all corners of the world to address unique issues and transform lives. Our business model depends on the organizations that are present on the ground and actively look to solve these issues.

Working Alongside Those Who Care

We have several programs across the world. These include Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Peru, and the Phoenix program. Each of these programs looks to address a unique issue. Whether it's to look for volunteer surgeons in Ecuador or fight deadly diseases in Mozambique, each program has a specific and clear goal and objective.

Our work can be best described as "health equity." We are actively looking to forge new partnerships and transform lives to all corners of the world. is an organization aimed at solving the world’s most dire problem — global climate change. Starting in New Jersey, their mission is to take money from an otherwise harmful and greedy industry (online casinos) and move it towards a positive and good cause (solving the climate crisis). In addition to directly donating 100% of the revenue they earn in the casino industry, they also launch and manage fundraising campaigns to persuade casino entrepreneurs to donate. So far, they’ve generated over $2 million to climate research through their own donations and proceeds from their fundraising initiatives.