Help Others with your New Year Resolutions!

As January begins, we wanted to let you know that you can harness your New Year’s Resolutions to help support our mission.

We are announcing a partnership with, an innovative platform that lets you create a donation pledge tied to your New Year’s goal—for example, $2.00 per pound lost for Esperanca. Best of all, pledge4good lets you easily inform friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email as you set and then pursue your resolution. Friends can share in your achievements by joining your pledge and making a donation (as low as $1) every time you adhere or achieve your resolution!

Creating a pledge on takes only two minutes. Simply:
1) Go to our organization’s dedicated pledge4good page here
2) Think of a New Year’s resolution pledge, such as a donation of $1, $5 or $10 for every:
1. fitness: day I work out before work
2. running; mile I run
3. volunteering: hour I do of volunteer work
4. weight loss: pound I lose
5. academic: A my child gets in school
6. health: day I sleep more than 8 hours
7. lifestyle: day I go without eating dessert
8. custom: achievement of your choice
3) Enter details of your resolution pledge in the “Create Pledge” box in the top right of our profile
4) Share your pledge with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email using pledge4good’s seamless social network integration

What a great way to transform the lives of others as you transform your own!

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