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Health is Being Solar-Powered in the Peruvian Andes

Martin Quispe Paucar and his wife Felipa have four beautiful children: Joel, Yefre, Yanit, and Herlinda. The family belongs to the Q’eros Nation of Peru, an indigenous Quechua group known as the last living descendants of the Incas. They live a humble life, one of hard work dedicated to breeding […]

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Rosa’s Story | Why These Kids in Peru Love Veggies

Can you imagine growing a garden at 14,000 feet? That’s over two and a half times as high as the elevation of Denver, Colorado. At that altitude, Bernabe and Rosa of Chuachua, Peru were struggling to raise alpacas and grow enough potatoes to feed their family of eight. Mountain growing […]

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After 40 years, Dominga is Safe in Retirement

Perhaps one of the most basic needs is to live in a safe and secure home. Unfortunately, most recent numbers from Habitat for Humanity estimated that 1.6 billion people around the world live in “inadequate shelter”. But what does that mean? What does it look like? What are the contributing […]

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A Peruvian Home Warmed by Love

At 14,763 feet above sea level, the Andes could never be described as balmy. But in recent years, the cold the Q’eros Nation deals with day after day has grown more severe.“Because of climate change, the cold is more intense,” says Ycton, a young Q’ero leader and father of two, […]

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New Homes & Clean Water in the Q’eros Nation

When the weather is cold outside, the last thing you want is to jump into a freezing bath. For Julián, Evarista and their family of five, there’s never been another option.In the mountainous region of Cusco, Peru, where the Q’ero people live more than 14,000 feet above sea level, summer […]

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Oral Health Reaches the Q’eros Children of Peru

At the stunning elevation of 14,500 ft. in the Andes mountains of Peru live the Q’eros people, often cited as the last living descendants of the Incas. Chased into the mountains by Spanish Conquistadors hundreds of years ago, their ancestors never returned, preferring to make these dizzying heights their permanent […]

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Give Back to Others This Holiday Season at Esperanca’s Q’eros Craft Store

With the holidays around the corner, you’re probably feeling that particular joy that only comes around this time of the year. You might also be feeling overwhelmed. The holidays this year are unlike any other and although it may be festivities for some, there is a lot of added burden for […]

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Celebrating 52 years of service for Esperança’s Peruvian partner, CADEP

Submitted by Adriana Farquharson, International Program Coordinator Centro Andino de Educación y Promoción José María Arguedas (CADEP JMA) serves the Cusco and Apurímac regions of Peru, committed to strengthening and empowering indigenous Quechua populations. In every area of service to this vulnerable population CADEP exhibits equity, creativity, and justice. They […]

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Q’eros Nation – Preserving a Culture

Submitted by CADEP. Q’eros Nation is made up of five villages located more than 15,000 feet above sea level, a town with a lot of history, tradition, religious custom and culture; its community is engaged in agricultural cultivation, animals such as alpacas, sheep, cuy and hen. In the Q’ero community […]

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