Hope on Four Wheels

Through Esperança’s virtual health education classes, our educators were introduced to Gabriela.

On normal days, Gabriela was a steadfast single mother of three. She works hard cleaning houses seven days a week so that her children can afford a better life.

The day we met Gabriela was not a normal day.

Her 10-year-old son, Marco, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at birth and has been chair-bound ever since. The small scooter she had been using to take Marco to his various therapies and doctor’s appointments recently broke, and Gabriela was reaching a point of desperation.

“My need was urgent. Marco is a growing boy and I can’t carry him around on my own. We began to miss his appointments,” shared Gabriela. “Work has been very light lately with the pandemic and I can hardly keep up with my bills.”

An introduction to Esperança was all Gabriela needed to provide her piece of mind.

Our team was able to provide Marco a like-new electric scooter, making transportation to and from appointments much easier.

As a result of this connection through the medical supply program, Gabriela began taking Esperança’s Diabetes prevention programming, a culturally appropriate curriculum all in Spanish aimed at preventing chronic disease.

“I am not diabetic, but the disease runs in my family and I need to remain healthy to take care of my children.”

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