Juliet and Her Journey

It’s called a “faucet.” It brings you water, fresh, clean, safe water.

Imagine taking all your faucets away. No more water. When you want water — and you will certainly want water, probably very soon — you have to go find it. Wherever it is.

This was Juliet’s life. She lives in a thatch-roofed hut in Mozambique, in southeast Africa and is the caregiver of her four young grandchildren.

In her 70’s, Juliet has to walk an hour and 15 minutes to the nearest water source, scoop water into buckets, then trudge another hour and 15 minutes back with her load. She managed to carry 20 liters at a time — imagine lugging 10 two-liter bottles of soda.

To care for herself and her little ones, she needed water for cooking, washing clothes and dishes, preparing food, and a bath for just one of the children — she needed 60 liters of water a day. That’s three round trips. Seven and a half hours a day. For water. Something had to change… and something big happened because of you.

Thanks to the compassion and generosity of friends like you, Esperança arrived. We located a clean water source underground, and then instructed the villagers on how to install a new, reliable water-pumping system right in their own village.

It now takes Juliet seven and a half minutes to get there and collect her much needed clean water.

Today, her grandchildren can get a bath as often as they need one. They’re healthier, too. And they’re not alone. The whole village has been transformed.

I’m writing to inform you that your support will help it happen again in another village. Without clean, safe, readily available water, people suffer. Children get sick from disease ridden, polluted water. They grow weak from diarrhea which causes them to miss school.

Donations to Esperanҫa will help us construct a new water-pumping system in another village like Juliet’s.

We’ll work up the plans. We’ll bring in the materials, and the villagers will dig the well, install the pump and assemble the whole apparatus under our direction.

We’ll teach all the neighbors about hygiene, about clean water vs. dirty water, and about keeping themselves and their children healthy.

The long hours of hiking to the watering hole will be over.

The water project you sponsor today will get children back in school … and education will be the key to escaping the cycle of poverty.

Call it water’s “ripple effect.”