Karla’s Commitment

My name is Karla Cid and I am 35 years-old. I am married with four beautiful children ages 15, 10, 7, and 3. I work at the administration department of a Behavioral Health Hospital and ever since I started here back in 2016, I started gaining weight and no matter what I tried I was not motivated enough to make a change in my life. I knew had to do something to stop my bad eating habits, but I was not willing to sacrifice anything to get started.

The main problem was all the pastries and different kinds of food around the office that were presented to me in a way that I could not resist! I found myself always thinking about the next meal I would have, and I found pleasure in indulging myself.

When I turned 35, my husband bought me a gym membership. I was excited and committed to finally start losing weight! Unfortunately, the first two months I only went 3 or 4 times. However, at the end of the 2nd month I started attending Esperança’s Platicas classes at my church with Diana Soto, RN.

I remember that the first class was eye opening for me and I took so many notes! As I was driving home that night, I had a conversation with my children about the changes we were going to start making at home regarding the way we were used to eating.  My children flipped out and were super upset with me. They said all kinds of things- from how bad of a mother I was and that I was depriving them from enjoying life! But I was determined – and was not going to back down, so I kept strong.

The next time I went grocery shopping I bought Almond milk instead of cow milk, I prohibited my mother from buying donuts for my kids like she did every Friday, I stopped buying sugary cereals, and loaded my fridge with lots of vegetables to make different types of salads. I can honestly say that I took the lessons to heart and learned that I needed to control what ate.  I learned that I was in control once and for all.

My family was not happy with me and would even make fun of me. It got to the point that I said: “fine, you all eat what you want to eat, but I will eat foods that will benefit my heath”.

Every time we had the classes I made sure to follow through with what I learned.  One of the things that impressed me the most was the benefits of water. “All you have to do is drink water and you will notice the change” is what our instructor said, and yes, she was right. I started drinking right amount of water for me and I saw the difference it has made. Before, every time I was under stress, I would get disgusting pimples on my chin, and that happened to me for many years. A couple of months ago I was under an extreme amount of stress and I didn’t get one single pimple!

I am anemic, and because of the changes I have made, I do not feel exhausted anymore. I feel energized, and even having 4 kids still manage to do all the things my day requires of me.  I have lost approximately 17 pounds and I feel great. I am motivated to be HEALTHY, not just skinny. I love my body, and since it is the only one I will ever have, I know that it is my responsibility to take of it. I love my family so much that am willing to live a healthier life by eating healthy and exercising so that I can be a healthy and happy wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend.

Now that my family has seen these changes in me, they ask me to help them get where they need to be to have a healthier life. It is fabulous to receive all these compliments from family and friends and all I want is to just keep working hard and be a motivation to others. Thank you Diana and Esperança!



Karla before and after taking Esperança’s Platicas course.


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