Learning from Example

The people of Maciene were quite curious about the unusual running around by their communal farming area. At the plot belonging to the Mabumo family, there were three men constantly busy with pipes, wrenches, screwdrivers, and the like. Vovó Celestina, whose plot is right next to the thick of the commotion was, could not help but stop working to take in the spectacle. She was watering her cabbage using a tin can, each trip to the nearest well was enough for just 15 ounces. To water one plant in her garden, Vovó Celestina must make five trips.

By mid-morning on the second day of this labor-intensive work, her neighbors were done with their project. She watched in awe as water from the set pipes began rising up to one meter above ground, watering the entire field. Fifteen minutes later, the planted plot, five times bigger than the one she had been able to cultivate, was completely hydrated. She approached Orlando, NGUNI’s agriculture specialist, and began questioning this amazing process.

“I saw you with hoses and pipes…this is what you were preparing?  How does it work?  How much can you water?”

To that, Orlando gave a basic explanation about the work of a pump and the sprinklers. Vovó Celestina was in awe of this new information. She asked Orlando where he learned this process. He answered that he attended class at the local clinic, provided by an organization from the US, Esperança, and their partner NGUNI.  She paused and looked at him thoughtfully.

“Then I am definitely making sure my grandson goes to school!”

This is how the education NGUNI and Esperança provide is changing lives in Maciene. Even in unforeseen ways.

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