Márcia’s Triplets Overcome Hunger in Mozambique

Watching your baby take her first step. Hearing her say “mama.”

Few of life’s joys compare to seeing your child reach these early milestones. But a lack of food all but robbed Márcia and her triplets of these simple pleasures.

Márcia’s girls were nearly a year old when our partner in Mozambique first visited their home. Local health authorities say a baby at that age should weigh about 15 pounds.

However, the triplets were born prematurely and weighed far less. Only one girl had the strength to pull herself up to stand and none of them could babble, much less form words. Márcia, a 32-year-old single mom, had tried to get help many times. She was eligible to receive government support. But hours of standing in line in the capital city, miles from her home, only added more frustration and sorrow to her life.

Luckily, a concerned neighbor invited Márcia to our weekly nutrition talks. Your generous giving now supplies the triplets with powdered milk and ground nuts that add much-needed protein to their diets. You also provided baby bottles and a pot in which to sterilize them.

As a result, the babies are catching up to their peers. Take a look!

Now our team is focused on improving Márcia’s mental health. Orphaned at age 16, Márcia so far hasn’t been able to pursue any goal that isn’t just surviving.

With your help, we’ll surround her with people who care about her well-being and encourage her to create a better future for her family. $30 can provide a precious baby with powdered milk for a month. Make your tax-deductible gift today to help a family like Márcia's!

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