Meet Puerto Peñasco’s Future Doctor!

When Jackson entered the Educarte program two years ago, he was desperate to keep his dreams of becoming a doctor alive.

Although he was adopted by a loving family in Puerto Peñasco when he was 15, Jackson’s early life was filled with a great deal of trauma and very little stability. Most of his childhood was spent living in a children’s home which lacked the resources to provide him with adequate psychological support or a solid educational foundation. By the time he moved in with his adoptive family in Puerto Peñasco, Jackson was significantly behind in all academic areas and was also struggling with depression and a lack of ability to focus and get along with his peers.  These academic and emotional challenges left him unable to successfully complete coursework at his local high school. It seemed his dreams of attending college and one day becoming a doctor would never be realized.

Fortunately, Jackson was accepted into the Educarte program, an education-focused nonprofit in Puerto Peñasco, financially supported by Esperança. He began consistently attending their academic support center for youth in the community.  The Educarte teachers developed an individual academic remediation plan for Jackson and helped enroll him enroll in a special ‘Open High School’ program. This program provides the opportunity for local students to receive their high school diplomas by studying for and passing 36 exams in various academic areas. Since he entered the Educarte program and began attending their youth center consistently, Jackson has made tremendous progress, both socially and academically. Jackson now gets along well with other students and needs to pass only 4 more exams in order to receive his high school diploma.

Thanks to support from the committed Educarte team and generous supporters of Esperança who make this program possible, Jackson’s dreams of helping others by becoming a doctor are still alive!

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