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We would like to invite you to join us on a unique journey to travel with Esperanca to Cuzco, Peru, just one of our many sites that transform lives. Cuzco is well-known for its famous attraction, Machu Picchu, and thousands of tourists pass through this city on an annual basis. What many don’t know is that just beyond the city and in the Peruvian highlands lies hundreds of small rural villages with families who live in conditions of extreme poverty on a daily basis.  Local farmers, mothers, teachers, nurses and government authorities expressed concern for malnourished children, unclean drinking water, and poor housing conditions that families live in. Despite this area being one of the top producers for potato, families asked to learn how to plant more fruits and vegetables so that their diet would be better balanced. With the high altitude and mountainous, bare terrain, conditions can be hard to sustain diverse crops. On the Mission of Hope you also will help to be a part of the process of transforming lives, by seeing and helping with the following programs:

  • Building ecological homes that are safe, environmentally-friendly and decrease risk for disease
  • Training local farmers on using indigenous potato varieties for improved agricultural production
  • Educating families on the prevention of diseases like diarrhea, respiratory infection and other health illnesses that affect local villages

Days on a mission with Esperança will consist of visiting the sites of current and completed projects ranging from home building, food micro-businesses and health education programs. The last days will be spent visiting the wonder of Machu Picchu, for more detailed information about the trip follow the links bellow:

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Preview of our Home Building Projects:

Mission trips are limited to 12 people.  Expenses are covered by the travelers and will be at a discounted rate due to our relationship with the local community.

Cuzco, Peru Mission Trip Price:

$2,000 to $2,300  per person (round-trip airfare to Cuzco, Peru NOT included)
Deposit: $100 per person

If you are interested in joining us for a mission of hope, please fill out the following application, and a representative from the Esperança offices will contact you.

A Mission of Hope Trip

We would ask if you intend on traveling with Esperança you fill out the following form to alert us to your interest. Remember there are only 15 spots available.