National Oral Health Awareness Month – How we help…

Since 1999, Esperança has been working in the Phoenix area to provide underserved families with resources, health services, and preventative education.  Thanks to a grant last spring in the amount of $10,000 from the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation, Esperança has expanded their Oral Health program to pre-school and elementary children in Phoenix.  They are now providing oral health education to children ages 4-12 in the Isaac and Cartwright school districts and parents of 0-5 enrolled in Head Start/Early Head Start.

Esperança works in communities and neighborhoods that have a high health risk due to the over-representation of many illnesses like diabetes and obesity, and limited access to health resources. The majority of families that live in the community are low-income and uninsured.

Accessing health care information and resources is difficult for families due to barriers such as language, transportation, literacy levels, and cost. Preventative dental care is considered a luxury, and due to financial hardship, many family members are forced to share toothbrushes and forego annual cleanings and x-rays.

Key Facts:
 More than 3,000 adults and children in Central Phoenix participated in oral health education workshops and training.
52 families graduated from the obesity prevention curriculum
Over 1,580 health screenings were provided to uninsured and low-income families.
 Isaac and Cartwright school districts have a student body that is 90%+ Latino, and more than 70% of students are eligible for free lunch. Lost school due to dental pain and poor dental hygiene are ongoing issues for these districts.

For more information contact us at 602-252-7772 or learn more at


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