Planting Seeds of Hope in Mozambique

In Mozambique, there is very little work to be had, causing families to survive on what they grow themselves in tiny plots of land called machambas. Flora, a mother of five, works hard each day to get her machamba to produce enough to keep her family fed.

“We live off the machamba. All we eat is the machamba. My husband is a mason’s helper, but here in Maciene there is no business, people do not build. The little money I sometimes get is when you make a little more machamba to sell to families that pay. Most of the time the payment is not in cash, it’s in salt and other things. Few people have money.”

But the climate in Mozambique is changing. The weather is getting hotter, the rains aren’t what they used to be and the grains that families like Flora’s plant can’t take the heat.

“We were lucky with the rains of October, November and December, but then the strong heat burned our corn!”

Thankfully, your love stepped in just in time to supplement Flora’s staple crop with one that loves warm weather.

“Esperança gave me and the other families two kilos (5 pounds) of peanuts to serve as seeds. The seed was good. Of those two kilos of seed I received, I managed to harvest 50 kilos (110 pounds) of bags full of peanuts already peeled! It’s true, it’s true! I’ve produced well this year!”

In addition to the seed, your support gave Flora the education she needed to produce this plentiful crop.

“Knowledge is difficult to come by here in Maciene. We cultivate in the same way that our people and women have always done. But times are changing. The weather is changing. We need to adapt, learn to deal with the land now and Esperança is helping us with that knowledge. And with the seeds to do it!”

The best part? 62 households benefited from this seed distribution and education for just $13 each! Make a donation now to keep a family fed.

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