Primary Care Brigades Provide Peace of Mind

Yader Lopez is a 25 year-old living in El Cua, Nicaragua. He suffers from epilepsy and convulsions when off his doctor-recommended medication. However, the local health center does not have a readily available supply, and often runs out, leaving Yader terrified of when and where his seizures might strike next.

“We have had to wait weeks for the health center to stock up on my medication; I have had to endure periods of continuous seizures. It makes me feel scared to have no support.”

Despite his illness, Yader starts his day at 4am, working long days in the field to support himself and his mother.  He had gone 15 days without treatment because the local health centers did not have his medication in stock. His worst fear was soon realized. Yader suffered from a seizure for 5 minutes right at the foot of his humble home’s open fire stove, causing a pot of boiling water to spill on his back. He was rushed to the hospital where the staff was able to treat his burns, but his epilepsy remained untreated… He was left to ponder even worse outcomes the next time he had a seizure. Would he survive?

Luckily, Esperança came to El Cua before Yader had to find out.

Esperança's brigade team arrived just in time, setting up a clinic to provide quality medical care and medication to Yader and his community.

“I am very grateful because you are providing me with the medicines I need, and you have given me timely information about my specific case. It is a great help; you can't imagine how grateful we are to you all. ”

Esperança's brigade team returns to each community every 6 to 8 weeks, allowing for follow-up care in each community, and giving Yader peace of mind. He no longer has to wonder when his medication will come, and can focus on providing for his family.

Since January, Esperança's team has completed 34 outings to 19 different communities or locations. Esperança’s volunteer physician has seen 1,507 patients and volunteer dentists have treated 665 adults and children.

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