Rosa’s Story | Why These Kids in Peru Love Veggies

Can you imagine growing a garden at 14,000 feet? That’s over two and a half times as high as the elevation of Denver, Colorado.

At that altitude, Bernabe and Rosa of Chuachua, Peru were struggling to raise alpacas and grow enough potatoes to feed their family of eight. Mountain growing seasons are quite short. And only cool weather crops will grow, if you can protect them from animals.

Hard Ground in the Andes Not Conducive For a Health Diet

Sadly, nearly 1 in 3 infants in Chuachua dies because of the mix of malnutrition, altitude, and cold weather. COVID-19 only made things worse, keeping hard-working parents like Bernabe and Rosa from traveling across borders to buy food.

Thankfully, you helped install greenhouses in the community in 2020. Now the family and their neighbors feast on fresh vegetables like lettuce and radishes.

“My little children eat vegetables which we never ate,” says Rosa. “My children say now we eat differently... richer!"

Rosa's daughter enjoys a nutrient-dense dish.

Esperança's Health Intervention Has This Family on the Mend

In addition, your kindness sent a nurse to the remote village to conduct health screenings. That’s how Bernabe and Rosa learned that one of their daughters had anemia, a life-threatening condition in which the body lacks healthy red blood cells.

With medicine, a better diet, and good hygiene, their daughter is on the mend.

"Today I see my children happy and content. I thank Esperança for caring that our children are healthy and do not suffer.”

$1,000 can install a greenhouse to improve a family’s health.

You can sponsor another healthy family by making a donation today!

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