She Changed Her Destiny Through Education

Since she was little, Margarita was told that she would never be able to get ahead… that people like her don’t have opportunities to forge a better future… that this was her situation and she had to accept it.

But today Margarita is living a very different life despite the odds.

Overcoming the Odds

Due to various life circumstances, Margarita was significantly behind in her studies, having only completed primary school by age 16. If she could not manage her studies, she would be forced to retake middle school online, and put on a different track than friends. This is when she discovered the Youth on the Rise program of Educarte, Esperança’s partner in Rocky, Point, Mexico.

Here, she began studying at “the Bunker”, a place designed to support the education of students through access to quality resources and educators. This space has everything necessary for these students to carry out their studies:

  • Reliable high-speed internet
  • Computer center
  • Teachers trained to advise on important subjects such as mathematics and English

Margarita put enormous amounts of time and effort into her mission: to pass an academic assessment that would deem her ready to begin the high school year with her peers. She spent much of her days studying, with perfect attendance at the Bunker.

When the day of the exam arrived, Margarita remembers feeling anxious …

“I was nervous and began to doubt myself…those words that I would never be good enough and never amount to anything kept coming up in my mind.”

Heartbreak followed shortly afterwards when she found out she had not passed.

However, this did not undermine her belief that she could change her life and achieve everything that those who doubted her that she couldn’t.

Encouraged by the teachers of Educarte, she resumed her studies with more passion in the Bunker facilities. She studied to exhaustion always with her goal set. She continued to reinforce her knowledge and skills, became more confident in herself, and carefully prepared for her second attempt.

The Exam that Changed Everything

This was her second chance, and she could not fail. Nerves again crept up on Margarita, but this time she did not lose focus on her goal, failure was not an option. He drew on all the resources and academic knowledge he received by Educarte’s Bunker teachers and calmly took her exam, one answer at a time.

This time, the hours she spent in Bunker to forge her future paid off! She had passed her exam. Margarita showed the world once again that yes you can - with the necessary support, anything is possible. She managed to receive her high school certificate in the time that allows her to pursue her high school studies in a traditional way, with young people her age and continue to prepare for the future.

Today she continues to attend Bunker. Once she finishes her high school studies, her new goal is to study architecture, a dream well within reach with her constant determination and the support of the collaborators of Educarte, especially by the teachers of Bunker.

You can support a student like Margarita with a sustainable monthly donation today!

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