Staying Home-bound and Humble

By Xochtil Wilson, Family Programs Manager

In this time of uncertainty, we may be rushing out to buy toilet paper, paper towels, and some type of sanitizing solution. But in this chaotic haste are we forgetting to stay mindful and kind to those around us?

Generosity may not be giving something physical or materialistic, it can be allowing ourselves time to give us the wisdom to act with logic and consideration. The entire world is being affected by this unprecedented outbreak, not just one person or one household. Let’s take the time to be grateful for this moment despite how daunting it may be. Let's appreciate our time and that of those around us, as well as look for ways to cope and comfort ourselves and our loved ones.

I believe that reading does the body good, so I would like to share this great quote that helped bring me back to the present moment:

You don’t have to solve your entire life today.
You don’t need to have all the answers
or know the exact path out of this
dark time and pain. All you have to do
is focus on what you need to do
to survive today.

You will figure out the rest when
you get there. You will deal with
the even scarier and more difficult
pieces if or when they come.
But they haven’t come yet,
and you haven’t yet gotten there.
You’re still just here, today.
And that’s the only place
you need to be.

-Daniell Koepke

Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, family or other support systems during this time.

We are all in this together.

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