Faces of Mexico

The Gift of Education: A Bright Future

Submitted by Kathleen Duncan, Esperança Board member & Educarte FounderDuring the holidays I get many messages from wonderful people wanting to do something special for the students we support in our Educarte program in Mexico. During our first few years the Educarte team was able to host a special Holiday […]

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Finding Community for Children with Special Needs

When Eliu’s mom discovered the Esperança sponsored special needs program in Rocky Point, Mexico, she was hesitant. How could anyone understand Eliu’s needs as well as her..? Eliu was born with Pierre Robin syndrome, an underdeveloped jaw that causes difficulty breathing. He wears a “necklace” as his family calls it, […]

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Gilberto Finds New Hope and Healing After a Tragic Accident

When Gilberto woke up from the car accident, the doctors had terrible news. The 19-year-old would struggle to talk — and would never walk again. His head trauma was just too severe. It would have been easy for Gilberto to give up. To let creeping despair take root in his […]

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Gladis Needed Physical Therapy Unexpectedly: Esperança Was There to Help

Shortly after receiving her COVID-19 vaccine, Gladis began to feel discomfort in her face. Within hours, the left side was completely paralyzed. An Unexpected Reaction Left Gladis in a Dire ConditionThe general hospital in Puerto Penasco, Mexico has 17 hospital beds. Understandably, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the area, locals […]

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Augustine Found His First Words With Esperança

Celebrating Make a Difference to Children Month Hi everyone! My name is Kathleen Duncan and I serve as an ex-officio board member for Esperança. I spent most of my career working with vulnerable children and families in Arizona as a counseling psychologist, so needless to say Make a Difference to […]

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She Changed Her Destiny Through Education

Since she was little, Margarita was told that she would never be able to get ahead… that people like her don’t have opportunities to forge a better future… that this was her situation and she had to accept it. But today Margarita is living a very different life despite the […]

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Student Faced with Dropping Out of High School Graduates with Civil Engineering Degree

Submitted by Kathleen Duncan, Board of Directors In 2016 I started a program called ‘Educarte’ to provide young people in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico with a path out of poverty through education. This program is rooted in my very strong belief that where a child starts in life should not determine […]

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The $3 donation that brought me to tears…

Submitted by Kathleen Duncan, Founder of Educarte and Board Member of EsperançaA few months ago when I was in Mexico I received one of the smallest individual donations in our history. It was also the most meaningful and heart-warming donation I have ever received. In fact, it brought me to […]

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Give it a Try: Building a Foundation for Education

Submitted by Kathleen Duncan, Esperança Board Member & Founder of EducarteI first saw this quote back in 2012 when I had begun to think more seriously about trying to make a significant commitment to helping kids in need in Rocky Point.  At that time I spoke little Spanish, had very […]

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