Support Beyond the Diagnosis

Yulissa González is a 15-year-old girl from Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.

She enjoys dancing, is a natural leader and has a dream to be a teacher. Everyone who knows her falls in love with her. She’s talkative, vivacious and works hard to do well at everything she is involved in.

Yulissa also has Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome.

A genetic disorder, Rubinstein Taybi is uncommon and characterized by thick thumbs and toes, short stature, and varying degrees of intellectual disability.

"It was like a bucket of ice water. We were not prepared; it was news that we did not expect... but it was something we never questioned. As a couple we never asked ourselves ‘why did this happen?’”

Yulissa has found community as part of the Educarte special needs program

From the day of her birth Yulissa’s parents focused all their energy on searching for a diagnosis. In this area of Mexico, there is little availability of specialists, so it wasn’t until Yulissa turned six that they could finally put a name to the disorder.

“Then we adapted as a family, we did everything possible for her. Yes, it was complicated, and it was and still is expensive. It is complicated in all aspects ... looking for someone who will help us with therapies, teachers, it is not the same as a normal child... it's hard and it is tiring. Sincerely, here in Peñasco there is nothing.”

Despite the hardships, the family never gave up hope. And hope delivered in the form of Educarte’s special needs program.

8 years post-diagnosis, Yulissa’s family discovered Educarte, a comprehensive education nonprofit in Puerto Peñasco supported by Esperança. Today, the family has found relief. After so long and feeling like they had exhausted every option.

"What a blessing, I really couldn't find a direction, I didn't know where to get her help, I didn't know what to do with my daughter."

After just one year in Educarte’s physical, psychological and speech therapies, and socialization activities, Yulissa:

  1. has seen improvements in pronouncing vowels
  2. can tie her own shoelaces
  3. uses kitchen utensils on her own
  4. can stand up without support
  5. is more stable when walking

She is working toward a level of independence her parents never thought possible!

"Since we arrived at Educarte, this support and community has been blessing for our lives as much as it was for hers.”

Educarte is currently serving 37 children like Yulissa with various disabilities such as: Autism, Tourette Syndrome, PCI, Down Syndrome, Meningocele Myelus, Spina Bifida, Cri Du Chat Syndrome, Psychomotor Retardation, Rubistein Syndrome, Taiby, Neuromotor Disability, and Acrondoplasia. They remain one of the only organizations offering special education in the community of Puerto Peñasco.

To sponsor one year of support for a special needs student like Yulissa, you can sign up to be a monthly donor at $210/month. Sign up today.