The Dreams (Turned Reality) of Moisés Barrientos

Irrigation Equals Opportunity in This Small Peruvian Village

Moisés Barrientos is one of the long-lived directors of Pantipata Incahuasi, a community in the Abancay region of Peru.

He has served as president of Pantipata several times and is now an active participant on the Community Engagement Committee.

“Community participation is a clear example for younger generations, teaching them to be active and participatory in communal life,” shares Moisés.

Moisés somewhat melancholy tells us, "I have always wanted to have an irrigation network in my community to be able to grow products that are difficult to grow in this climate like gooseberry, green beans, zucchini, strawberries, fruit trees, avocados, and to farm small game such as guinea pig, to be able to improve the food of our families. We would also be able to provide the nearest markets with our produce and have an income for our families."

Without steady access to water, this land high in the Peruvian Andres is rough and dry. Only the toughest, most durable plants survive.

Community Transformation Through Irrigation

Thanks to your support of Esperança, our partner in Peru (CADEP) was able to help fulfill dreams and improve the quality of life for Moisés and the inhabitants of Pantipata. Our community advocates led the local team in a hands-on effort to dig canals and reservoirs, lay new pipe, and be trained on how to manage the system moving forward.

This new irrigation system increased the production of nutritious food enormously!

Together we were able to guarantee food security and pave a way for sustainability in Pantipata through the growth of small businesses.

A Role Model Community

"My dream is to see how Pantipata becomes a role model to other areas in terms of communal management to develop practices of conservation of water, soil and vegetation cover. I thank CADEP and Esperança because my dream is coming true with this project.  I'm seeing that my community is improving and we're learning more to improve our crops."

"With this irrigation project, now water comes to my farm, soon my children will eat vegetables and fruits, I am very happy about it. Thank you, Esperança!"

When you invest in Esperança, you're investing in deserving communities like Pantipata. Your gifts help us reach more communities with the gift of clean, safe water. And every drop helps unlock potential.

An investment of $230 will bring uplift an entire family. Consider making a donation to support small farmers today.

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