The Pandemic Can’t Stop Progress: Education Goes on in Puerto Peñasco

The closure of schools in Mexico due to the pandemic has hindered the education of children and young people; many low-income families lacking the internet and technology needed for online classes. Esperança’s indigenous partner, Educarte AIM Mexico, seeks to open more homework centers so that more children can continue with their studies.

Carmen is a stay-at-home mom who lives with her husband and three children on the shores of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.

This family of five lives solely off the salary of her husband, a mechanic, so it has always been difficult for them to purchase the necessary school supplies. Unfortunately, the pandemic had put Carmen’s children at an extreme disadvantage. Now the family was faced with the impossible task of buying a computer and Wi-Fi, technology their schools require to carry out online classes.

The futures she had hoped for her children seemed to be slipping further and further away…

Fortunately, your support brought Educarte into the picture! Soon after the online schooling began, Carmen discovered their free education programs, which have been serving the youth of Puerto Peñasco since 2016. Her three children began attending Kids Club de Godoy, which offered a safe space to learn every week AND all the technology and supplies she had been unable to procure.

"This pandemic was very difficult for my children because they closed the schools ... and yes, it was a bit difficult for me to be taking care of all three of them at home. When I heard about the Kids Club, I really liked the idea. The teachers are very dedicated to their work, they have helped the kids so much."

On top of having vital access to education, the progress that Carmen's children have shown is tremendous. She shares that her twelve-year-old daughter previously had difficulty reading, but since attending the Kids Club de Godoy and working with the instructors to improve her literacy, she is at the top of her class.

“She had great difficulty; she could not read very well... But now, with the Saturdays that they go over reading, she is like a different student!"

Carmen thanked Educarte AIM Mexico for supporting the children and the families of Puerto Peñasco "We are very grateful, I imagine, all the mothers, not only of Club Godoy, but of all the others, who put God in their hearts to support the people here.”

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