Trek for Life

Doña Apolonia Palacios Sequeira, born in the community of the Hermitage of Saraguasca, over half a century ago, where she still lives in her simple house surrounded by her eight children, who are already parents. When Doña Apolonia Palacios Sequeira was born there was a shallow well in the community where her family and neighbors were supplied with water. Almost 30 years ago, the well that had supported the community went dry! For as long as the well has been dry, the trek to find water is up to two miles away, with a 400 meter vertical hike. It is so difficult that one person ventures at a time, one traveler even broke their leg attempting to retrieve water for the community


In the summer of 2008, the community, with support from AVODEC / Esperanca, built a well rim, where old well once stood, which allows the rain supply to be caught for the 25 families living in the community. But with water consumption, the supply for summer is rationed to 20 liters per family for their needs but villagers must travel great distances to wash clothes and bathe.

Doña’s dream is to have a water supply service to her community so everyone can wash and bathe without having to walk miles with the risk.

Esperança has constructed almost 80 wells and water systems in the villages within this region of the country, providing rural villagers with access to clean water for a lifetime. The families are anxious to have access to clean water, and are eager to begin. In a recent community meeting, each family member committed to participating in the construction process, which includes transporting the construction materials, digging trenches, laying pipe and helping install home water faucets. Women and children want to participate too!

The total cost of this project is $25,000 which will allow Esperança to purchase all the materials, provide the needed technical assistance, and train and oversee families. This comes out to only $125 per person. The end result is 200 men, women, and children having access to clean water for a lifetime right from their home! With the New Year comes many exciting goals and plans… please help us bring clean water to the Las Hermita in 2013.

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