Victor’s Life is Forever Changed

With one in every 1,000 children affected at birth, clubfoot is one of the more common deformities found in infants. Here in the U.S., treatment usually begins shortly after birth when non-surgical methods are most successful. But in places like Ecuador, treatment often comes too late... or not at all.

Victor (not pictured), for example, lived with the condition for 9 years. For much of that time, he’s suffered constant verbal abuse from his schoolmates. As a result, his low self-esteem has barred him from participating in school activities and sport programs.

Raised by his single mother, Jacqueline, Victor suffered this fate for 11 years.

According to her, “Victor always has the energy to play, but due to his disability, limits himself.”

A Volunteer Surgical Team Changed His Life

Thanks to friends like you making generous donations to support Esperança's volunteer surgical program, Victor is walking in a whole new way!

Through a recent surgical trip to Ecuador headed by Esperança board member Dr. Sachs, you were able to correct the clubfoot that has held these two back for a decade! Not only that, 32 other children of all ages also underwent operations.

Jacqueline, like so many other parents, is overjoyed to see her little one up and walking without difficulty for the first time. From this point forward, their lives will be totally changed.

“I’m so happy the surgery was successful,” says Jacqueline through the tears. “You’ve put a big smile on Victor’s face permanently!”

Dr. Sachs and his orthopedics team will be returning to Ecuador this Fall and already have a long patient list adding up. Sponsor a surgery for as low as $120 today!

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