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"It has been 3 weeks since I have left Masaya(Nicaragua). I reflect on my trip every day. I think about the people in town, the church, the hospital, and operating room staff. The kindness and gratitude I was shown there exists infrequently in the states. In the states I now see people who have everything and want more, there I saw people with very little but were content with what they had...My experience is burnt into my heart. If it is his will my plan is to do more mission trips to use the great gifts I have been given."

Robert Hartmann, M.D

“I have personally been involved in a handful of previous surgical brigade mission trips to Nicaragua, but the most recent trip that I participated in was by far the smoothest and most gratifying. It was my first time privilege working with Esperanca, whom made all the difference. The group was well-organized, able to trouble-shoot, and their tireless efforts to accommodate our group gave us the ability to simply focus on successfully completing the goals of our trip. Esperanca’s staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. Additionally, our group always felt safe and in great hands. I plan to return on similar trips in the future, but would only want to do so by collaborating with Esperanca.”

Bradley P. Abicht, M.D.
















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