Esperança in Mexico

Esperança has been working in Mexico supporting our partner Educarte (meaning to educate or lift yourself up) since 2021. Also known as Rocky Point, this popular tourist destination only 60 miles south of the Arizona border has experienced an explosion of development over the past several years. Despite a boom in tourism, however, more than a third of local residents live in moderate or extreme poverty. Unfortunately, a lack of resources leaves many of these families having to choose between sending their children to school and meeting their basic needs.

Educarte employs a team of local professionals who operate a variety of comprehensive, community-wide education programs. This local team understands that a lack of access to education leaves many kids in Rocky Point trapped in the cycle of poverty. Since 2016 they have been committed to providing young people in the community with the long-term, consistent support they need to go to school and thrive inside and outside the classroom. In its first year, 72 students from kindergarten through high school were supported by Educarte. Today, the local team has grown to more than 15 professionals supporting more than 800 students, including several dozen now in college.

The Educarte team operates seven homework clubs in the community, where at-risk elementary school students are provided with daily academic support and resources not available in their homes. Older students have access to a computer lab and tutoring center and receive funding for direct educational expenses. Educarte also operates a program to provide young people with special needs in the community with the professional therapies, equipment, and other support they need to reach their potential. This holistic approach ensures that no child in Puerto Peñasco is left behind, whether they have developmental disabilities or lack of resources.

In the near future, Esperança hopes to expand our robust preventative health education programming to children, adults and seniors in the Puerto Peñasco area.

Mexico programs:

  • Homework clubs staffed by certified teachers that provide a safe place for elementary school students to learn and grow.
  • Funding for direct educational expenses such as registration, tuition, uniforms, books, and fees required for students to attend middle school and high school.
  • Special Needs Program: a team of therapists, special educators and other professionals work together to help each student overcome obstacles to independence and reach his or her potential
  • Sponsor a Student Program: Monthly support of just $35 can provide funding for tuition, books, fees, school day meals and transportation, daily academic support and educational materials, and access to psychological support, medical and dental care and more…

Your contribution lets children in Puerto Peñasco know that where they start out in life does not determine where they finish. Provide hope and opportunity through education by making a donation today!

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