Bolivian Success Stories

Damasita has a secure Future!

Your home should be your castle — a place where you feel completely safe and in control …  Sadly, that isn’t yet the case for Damasita who lives in the outskirts of Tarija, Bolivia. Thieves have broken into her home TWICE in recent years!  Damasita and her sons luckily weren’t […]

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Mom Sows Seeds of Change in Bolivian Community

Felisa was fed up with the status quo. For as long as the 36-year-old could remember, her community in Bolivia had suffered from a seasonal lack of water. That meant she and her neighbors mainly grew staple crops, like corn, instead of more nutritious vegetables. That was fine for livestock, […]

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Organic Farming Combatting Pesticide Poisoning in Bolivia

Pesticide Exposure in Bolivia The use of pesticides has increased during the past decades, also increasing the risk of exposure to toxic pesticides that can cause detrimental health effects in the future. This is of special concern among farmers in low-to-middle-income countries that may lack proper training in the safe […]

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María is Combatting Malnutrition with Nature’s Medicine

A Miracle Child When your baby is sick, you feel so helpless. You just pray that somehow the fever will break, their energy will return, and their pained cries will turn to coos. María felt this anxiety all too often. She is a small-scale farmers in rural Bolivia. After years […]

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Arming Parents in the Battle Against Malnutrition | Bolivia

Chronic Malnutrition in Rural BoliviaIn Bolivia, 16% of children under the age of 5 struggle with chronic malnutrition, a condition that develops when they do not eat the correct balance of nutrients in the first 1,000 days of life. Both brain and body growth failure can occur, also called “stunted […]

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Spreading Healthy Smiles in Bolivia

Isolation isn’t beneficial to anyone’s health, much less our children’s. When the coronavirus caused much of the world to shelter in place, Bolivia was no exception. That meant for most, regular doctor appointments and healthy eating took a backseat – Emily’s family included. “I failed to address Emily’s dental health […]

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Bolivian Agriculturalist Flourishes | Esperança Microbusiness

Lilian Marilu Carvajal Sanchez is the single mother of two grown sons but has been a caretaker all her life. Lilian’s own mother left the family for more opportunities in the big city when she was just a teenager, leaving her to raise her six younger brothers. Since then she […]

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