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Esperança’s Phoenix Program is uniquely positioned as the leader in providing health education and resources to Maricopa County’s most at-risk and under-served youth, adults, and seniors, creating true social change. In these communities, where 64 percent of kindergartners have been inflicted with untreated tooth decay and over 47 percent suffer from obesity, poverty and health disparities, children are often caught in the cycle of inter-generational poor health.

Esperança’s bilingual and bi-cultural Community Health Educators come from the communities they serve.  Classes are held in community centers, schools, and HUD housing facilities to ensure maximum participation by eliminating unnecessary travel.

In order to make a more significant impact, our model is to partner with medical and dental providers, school districts, community resource centers, churches, and other community groups who share our mission, values, and principles. By providing preventative health education in conjunction with community-based organizations, the efforts of all organizations can be leveraged to make the biggest impact in the communities we serve.


Our Programs

Salud con Sabor Latino (Health with a Latin Flavor) is an evidence based, four week interactive course that focuses on changing behaviors and improving knowledge about nutrition and physical activities in families. The 8-12 classes are built around the idea that a family can be healthy, without losing touch with their culture. Participants engage in culturally appropriate, hands-on activities, such as cooking sessions and tours of local grocery stores. Classes are taught in Spanish in attempt to target the undeserved, Latino community. At the completion of the class, a celebration potluck is held for all participants and their families.  Much like Salud con Sabor Latino, Salud con Sabor Latino para los Ninos (Health with a Latin Flavor for Children) is an evidence based, four week interactive course for children that teaches the basics of nutrition and the importance of physical activity. These classes take place at the children’s schools. The class focuses on children ages 9 – 13 years old in underserved communities throughout the Phoenix area.  
Oral Health Education classes are given in conjunction with our community partners at community centers, schools, head start programs, local dental clinics, and other community groups. We teach parents and children about the importance of daily brushing and flossing, how to prevent cavities through proper oral hygiene and diet changes, and how moms and dads can prepare their babies for strong and healthy teeth. All workshops are evidence based, highly interactive and culturally sensitive. We reach families with children ranging in ages from birth to 17 years old. Participants receive oral health kits, which include an age appropriate toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Our program gives parents the tools to ensure their children have strong and healthy teeth.
We collaborate with HUD housing facilities and community centers to connect local seniors and families with the information they need to maintain and/or prevent. DEEP is a six-week curriculum aimed at explaining the underlying causes of diabetes and the effect that unhealthy habits have on our bodies. Our Community Health Educators are certified to teach the curriculum in both English and Spanish as well as to adults and seniors.
Platicas are 30-minute workshops covering a variety of health topics.
The Parent Ambassador Program is a 12 hour interactive training. During this training, parents learn to identify a "health cause" they would like to address, how to communicate their message, how to collaborate with other parents and school staff, and develop an action plan to implement. The training focuses on seven areas which address the following: Understanding public health, how school systems work, what public health policy looks like in schools, what advocacy actions are and how they work, how to advocate in a school setting, building and managing and action plan, and success using the advocacy actions.

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