Women-Owned Business Earns Legal Status in Bolivia

Leonor lives in rural Bolivia, in the small town of Padcaya, some 30 miles from the nearest city. Money and food were scarce — but Leonor was determined to feed her family, and help her neighbors.

So she began doing what she knew how to do. She made tortillas, tamales and delicious baked goods using the masa recipe her grandmother passed down.

Other women in the community joined the effort. Over time, a package of specialty masa products labeled “Made in Padcaya” became a sought-after commodity all over Bolivia.

But eventually, you might say, business was “too good.”

Leonor's business was booming, but legal status threatened everything she worked for...

Under government regulations, Leonor and her colleagues — now operating a successful business, no longer simply a hobby — would need to form an officially registered company.

The legal process, however, was terribly complicated. Leonor was a magician in the kitchen, but her magic didn’t work when navigating the tangle of government bureaucracy.

Year after frustrating year, she and her colleagues fought and struggled to cut through the red tape, hoping for the day when they would receive their official permit.

Every day, they inched closer to the moment when the unthinkable would happen — and they would be forced to shut down. Return to poverty. That was the breaking point.

This story might have ended tragically... except for you. By giving generously to Esperança, you set in motion exactly the miracle Leonor needed.

Our team was able to step in, help overcome the complex legal barriers, and — within two short months — secure legal status for Leonor and her fellow-workers. “God has put you here,” Leonor declares with a grateful smile, “and it was just in His time!”

And on top of legal status, the Esperança team assessed and improved the production process – creating a reliable food source for the entire community of Padcaya for years to come.

This resolute woman is more than “back in business.” She is now in business with full legal protection — making and selling a wondrous variety of masas... feeding herself and her family, her community and her country... thanks to you.

We couldn’t have predicted Leonor’s unique need — but you made us ready to help. Donate today to make us ready to offer real HOPE to the next person who turns to us, at the end of their rope, unable to help themselves, no matter how hard they try...