World Health Worker Week – Thank you frontline workers!

Submitted by Esperança Intern and Public Health & Health Education Specialist Candidate at Arizona State University, Pearl Aine

Now more than ever, health workers are being recognized and given appreciation for all their hard work as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This week, as Esperança celebrates World Health Worker Week, we express gratitude and honor the health workers who are running to the frontlines to detect, report and respond to emerging cases and threats all over the world.

In most countries, as cases of COVID-19 are increasing, I cannot think of a better time to recognize the sacrifices that are being made by our health workers. Whether we see them in the news or know someone personally who is working on the frontline, our health workers are there, working tirelessly around the clock to save the lives of those infected and to restore public health by putting an end to this pandemic.

Without the trust of the people, there would be no public health.

Public health truly exists if the population trusts health workers and adheres to guidelines set by the CDC and WHO. It is an interdependent partnership that requires full participation by all stakeholders. When it comes to COVID-19, public health plays a big role in preventing the spread of the virus in ALL communities around the globe. We can collectively stop the spread of the virus through simple measures like handwashing, observing personal hygiene, and physical distancing.  Throughout our lives we’ve been taught to wash our hands and cough in our elbows to avoid the spread of diseases, but it took the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic for us to put these measures into serious practice.

Before COVID-19, the Community Health Educators at Esperança have been doing great things for the communities they serve through preventative health education and disease management programs for vulnerable populations within the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Programs include nutrition classes, diabetes prevention programs, oral health and many other programs that address the unique challenges of their communities.

Overall, I would like to offer my appreciation to the health workers who have selflessly dedicated and continue to dedicate their time and effort to improving the health of our vulnerable community members.

Thank you Esperança health workers for all you do for the community and for all the medical providers for their unwavering dedication and mission to serve during these challenging times!

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